Ways to Give

Ways To Donate

Community members have a variety of options available if they would like to donate to Howard County Medical Center through the Foundation. We encourage you to talk with your family, so that you can pick the most appropriate method for your situation and individual circumstances. We have detailed some methods below.

Gifts of Cash or Securities

Many of the gifts to the Howard County Medical Center Foundation are in the form of cash, usually by check. Donors are able to designate their funds to a specific project or area for improvement if they wish. Or, if you do not designate your gift, the Foundation Board of Directors will have the ability to use your donation where it is most needed.

The use of securities (stock, mutual funds, etc.) is also an option. With certain limitations, you can deduct the full, fair market value to long-term appreciated securities. The benefit here is that you can donate capital gains, thus avoiding any tax implications.

For more information on either method of donation, please call the Foundation office at 308-754-4421 ext. 268 or email Keely Butcher, Foundation Director, at .

Gifts of Real Estate

Almost any type of real property can be donated to the Foundation. As with other appreciated property, a gift of real estate can unlock the full value of your property and offer specific economic advantages while providing lasting benefits to Howard County Medical Center. The HCMC Foundation carefully evaluates each potential gift to ensure it will enhance the Health Center’s mission.

Planned or Deferred Giving

Planned giving, sometimes referred to as gift planning, enables philanthropic individuals or donors to make larger gifts than they could make from their income.

Types of giving can include life insurance, annuities, charitable trusts, or by designating HCMC in a will.

For more information on this type of giving, please contact our Foundation at 308-754-4421 ext 268.

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